Mobile Device Management

Deploy, secure & support your smartphones and tablets.

What are the key benefits of MDM?

Take control of your corporate devices

Set restrictions on your corporate devices on features, apps, iCloud and content, to ensure your workforce stays focused. You can implement real-time compliance rules with automated actions, or enable geo-fencing rules to enforce location-based compliance, and that’s just beginning. MDM lets you determine how YOU want your company devices to be used, giving you the peace of mind that your business devices are being used correctly.

Effective security measures

With MDM, you can detect and restrict jail broken and rooted devices, set high-level password policies and even remotely locate, lock, and wipe devices to ensure that your corporate data is safe. Even when a device is lost or stolen.

Easily accessible, central dashboard

Take advantage of an easily accessible, central dashboard where you’ll be able to see all of your business devices and manage them as you wish – diagnose and resolve issues, reset forgotten pass-codes, send messages to devices, update configurations and more.

Full support

We can assist and help your business manage and deploy the MDM solution that is right for you. On a variety of devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows Phones.

Mobile Device Management


The Enterprise solution gives you the ability to secure your business devices, control data usage, separate business and personal content and automate and save costs.  


The easiest way to use MDM solution for securing your mobiles.

  • Unlimited Devices
  • Enforce Passcode
  • Lock and Wipe
  • Standard Reports

£0  per device / month


The ultimate EMM solution for efficient management of your mobiles.

  • Unlimited Devices
  • Enforce Passcode
  • Lock and Wipe
  • Standard Reports
  • Location Tracking
  • Restriction Policies
  • Custom Reports
  • Premium Support
  • Application Management 
  • File Deployment 
  • Business Policies 
  • API 

£2  per device / month

Mobile Device Management

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