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VoIP and Fixed Line Office Communications

In the age of VoIP, a lot of business’s feel concerned that if the latest tech isn’t right for them, due to location, poor broadband or new tech apprehension, they’ll be missing out. This need not be the case.

Our team of experts appreciate VoIP isn’t for everyone and traditional fixed line telephony has plenty of scope to work for your business, when managed by the right partner. We offer a variety of options including:

Fixed Line Services

Analogue Lines:

An Analogue line is a single copper cable that is run into your building via an installed wall socket. Analogue lines can be used as single lines or put together as multiple lines that share the same telephone number.

✓ Ideal for businesses running a small office due to low installation and maintenance fees.

ISDN2 Lines:

Integrated Services Digital Network is a high-performance voice and data service that delivers broadcast-quality voice and continuous, extremely reliable data transmission. With ISDN2 you get crystal-clear call quality, extremely reliable data transmission and the possibilities of a digital telephone system so is perfect for small business offices.

A single ISDN2 circuit has two voice channels, allowing two simultaneous calls. Further circuits can be added to increase the number of calls. You can also add DDI numbers to utilise direct dialing or distinguish separate businesses or departments.

✓ Ideal for small businesses that may want to expand their communications in the future, offering a minimum of 2 lines and a maximum of 8 lines.

ISDN30 Lines:

ISDN30 circuits have the same fast and flexible advantages as ISDN2 but offer larger capabilities with 8 to 30 channels available to be supplied and used. Simultaneous calls can be made and taken on these available channels.

✓ Ideal if you’re a business with larger telephony requirements.

Low on time? You’ll receive a dedicated account manager that will do all the legwork for you and ensure the best line and call option for your business is advised. Along with preferential call rates from leading UK fixed line suppliers, of course.



ADSL operates on a standard analogue phone line to your premises, to offer speedy and secure internet access. Although download and uploads speeds are a long way behind Fibre to the Cabinet, ADSL is suitable for businesses that are unable to receive FTTC internet or that just need the internet as a basic tool for activities such emailing, placing orders online or blogging.

✓ Ideal for small business’s looking for a cost-effective, basic use solution.

Fibre to the Cabinet:

FTTC involves running fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange or distribution point to the street cabinets which then connect to a standard phone line to provide broadband. This is combined with a copper cable from the cabinet to the business that can deliver much faster speeds over shorter distances. Benefits include file download and upload in seconds, improving the use of multi-media and conferencing facilities. Along with increased productivity with no delay’s online, FTTC can also lower call costs by taking advantage of VoIP delivered over Fibre.

✓ Ideal for business’s requiring a fast connection to the internet or services such as video conferencing, IP Voice and Cloud services.

Leased Lines/Private Circuits:

A Leased Line is a dedicated connection to the internet with guaranteed upload and download speeds, SLAs and an uncontended connection. This means that your internet speeds won’t be affected by your neighbours usage. Although still relatively expensive compared to FTTC, prices for your own dedicated connection have reduced dramatically in recent times. There are many different variants of private connection, which we would be happy to talk through with you.

✓ Ideal for businesses requiring a fast connection with guaranteed speeds, and quick response times for faults.

Why choose CMM?

We believe in customer care before, during and after the sale, so not only will we ensure the best fixed tariff and/or connectivity solution for your business is implemented, we’ll also set up everything for you and provide free support throughout your entire contract.


Call us on 01252 854352 or Email: for more information and advice on fixed line and connectivity solutions, or request your free quote and see the savings we could offer, all we need is a copy of your last bill.

We can show you how life with CMM is better on your Office Communications…

  • No Value, your phone system will be just a billing partnership with irregular rate reviews, once a year at best.
  • No strategy or planning to integrate your phone system with your other business tools
  • No best fit advice for your business on what type of phone system will work best and offer the best value – VoIP or fixed line for example, we can advise on the benefits
  • Best advice provider with proactive rate review for your office phone system and with 30 day contract terms we have to get it right, for you, and provide value every month
  • Account manager that understands your business, provides the best system with the future in mind, and will advise on integrating phones with your other systems
  • Bespoke tariffs and solutions, built to your calling profile across all systems, fixed line or VoIP

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