Secure Mobile Gateway 

Reduce data roaming charges, add security, stay in control.

What is the Secure Mobile Gateway and why do you need it?

The popularity of mobile devices has created the largest technology footprint for hackers to steal corporate and personal data. Combined with 4G, ever-growing app creation and video, the demand for data is also higher than ever. Leaving business’s struggling to protect, predict or control their mobile data.


Secure Mobile Gateway multi-level architecture

The solution sits transparently in the path of the web traffic from the browser to mobile applications, offering an unrivalled view into mobile data. Providing you with real-time insights that go beyond MDM or other security vendors, allowing you to prevent threats, enforce policy and reduce your business’s mobile data usage.

What are the key benefits for my business?

Threat defence

The Secure Mobile Gateway solution offers industry leading protection against the full spectrum of mobile attacks. From device configuration risks, insecure app vulnerabilities, malicious infrastructure and traditional network attacks, the solution prevents threats in real-time.


With real-time view into mobile data, you can enforce acceptable usage policies and maintain compliance. By managing business and personal usage, controlling hidden unapproved use and filtering inappropriate content in real-time, management is removed from enforcing compliance.

Data cost management

The solution itemises data usage, for example, classifying it as business versus personal, and applies a formula for data saving that combines many intelligent techniques. From domestic policy controls to implementing usage caps, from strict roaming policies to advanced data compression – reducing data usage is made simple. And will happen every day.

Will the secure mobile gateway work for my business?

Not only we will offer you free support throughout your entire contract, the diverse mobility offered by the solution provides cross-platform support across iOS and Android for customers with corporate device fleets and for those who manage CYOD and BYOD programmes – offering complete flexibility. (Windows support is coming soon).

Mobile Data Optimisation Benefits MDO

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