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@thecloudcar launches at Guildford Pancake Race 2012

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The stage was set, the athletes gathered, extensive warm up rituals were underway everywhere we looked, children lined the race track ready to cheer on their new heroes, we knew this was big. On the pavement, Cloud Car sits quietly offering out it’s free, fast Wifi to all who pass and wish to quickly access the internet on an array of devices. Cloud Car is […]


Nokia Lumia 710 – a good business device?

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It has been a busy few weeks so I have only just had the chance to get my hands on the new Nokia Lumia¬†710, I am currently running the Lumia 800 as my phone at the moment, I love it, the seamless integration with our IT through Microsoft Office 365 is brilliant and I can’t face the idea of being without it now. So the […]