Boost Productivity & Cut Costs with In Car Solutions

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In Car Solutions Does your business run company vehicles? Yes? Then you’ll know first-hand the biggest pain points are tracking, fuel wastage and mileage reporting. Scary statistics In fact 46% of drivers admit to inaccurate mileage tracking, resulting in unfair costs to either the business owner or the employee when claiming expenses. Not only are claims in-accurate nearly 50% of the time, but they are […]

Why Office 365?

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Gain Access Virtually Anywhere Office 365 is the cost-effective, smart solution to cloud computing and helps you work from virtually anywhere, on nearly any device — whether that’s a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phone, or BlackBerry. Working remotely means anywhere access to the info you need, with the most consistent and secure experience. Access your inbox with the Outlook Web App while you’re at the […]

The 5 Reasons why your Business should be using Digital Pens

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The digital pen resembles your standard ball-point pen. It can be used like a normal pen and even uses ink, but unlike other pens, the digital pen has a very tiny camera stored inside. This camera stores your hand movements and saves your notes – digitally. This means every word, signature, doodle, sketch or scribble, is converted to a digital page. The 5 Reasons why your […]

Why Calls Will Always Come Out On Top – You Need Your Telephone

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With so many communication channels now available, it can be difficult for your business to decide on the best method. So, how should you be dealing with your customers requests and inquiries? A recent U.S study asked consumers how they prefer to resolve customer service issues: While social media, texting, online networking, and other channels are making an impact. The telephone still maintains the spot for […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using MDM

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You should have control of all the mobiles devices entering your organisation, whether they are company devices or part of a BYOD programme. MDM (Mobile Device Management) is the solution that gives you high-level control, and security.1)  Introduce and enforce your Company’s very own telecoms policy – (with minimal effort!)With MDM, you can set real-time compliance rules with automated actions. For example, you could prevent jail-broken or […]

Project Ara – The Smartphone Initiative That Could Save You Money

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Build your very own smartphone with Project Ara Project Ara is a code name for an initiative by Google. The aim of the project is to develop a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. The platform will include a structural frame that holds smartphone modules of your choice. Like lego pieces, you can build your very own smartphone. Constantly on the move? […]