What’s new in Apple iOS 9

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What’s new in Apple iOS 9 Apple has  release it’s latest operating system, iOS 9, bringing you: Key enhancements to apps: News Apple has created an additional app, ‘News’. Rather than using a third party app from Apple’s store such as Flipboard or Pulse, you can now use ‘News’ to share articles with others and read stories from top sources on topics you’re most interested […]

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Quick Tips for Reducing Mobile Costs Abroad

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Quick tips for reducing mobile costs abroad Turn off data roaming when you don’t need it: Ensure you know how to turn your data roaming on and off before you jet off (data roaming allows you to access the internet and some apps from abroad). For those with an iPhone, this can be found under Settings > Cellular. For the majority of Android devices, this can be […]


Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for Android

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Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for Android 1) EverNote Often referred to as an ‘external brain’ – EverNote is a free app that organises your articles, docs, photos, check-lists and even thoughts in the form of your very own digital notebook. Add text, images, audio, scanned docs, PDF’s, invoices, receipts and more. EverNote can store and organise almost anything in one easily-searchable location for your complete […]