The best of Android

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The best of Android LG G4 – Android 5.1 The LG G4 features a 5.5″ screen and a rather unique design with premium back covers ranging from metallic grey, ceramic white, gold and even genuine leather. While the coloured backs have an array patterned texture, the leather backs have a threaded stitch with the choice of brown, black and red shades. Standing out from the […]


Making the most of iOS 9 for your business

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Making the most of iOS 9 for your business Maximise productivity Your personal Apple assistant, Siri, features further improvements in iOS 9. Now offering suggestions on people and apps to use based on your location and time of day. More impressively, Siri will even give you a nudge when it’s time to head off for your next meeting – and factor in the current traffic […]


Using EE Abroad

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Using EE Abroad EE offers a variety of International Add On’s for those on Small Business Plans with different allowances, costs and terms available for use when abroad and from the UK. While standard EU roaming rates are as follows: Making a call 13.8p/min Receiving a call is 3.6p/min Sending an SMS 4.4p each Receiving an SMS is free EE Euro Pass EE also offers […]


Using Vodafone Abroad

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Using Vodafone Abroad Vodafone EuroTraveller Vodafone’s EuroTraveller is just £3 a day and gives you the ability to use your UK minutes, texts and data abroad. EuroTraveller is applied midnight to 11.59pm UK time (local time). And you will not be charged for any calls or text received. Better yet, EuroTraveller can be used on your phone, tablet, dongle or Mobile WiFi device. Please contact […]


Using O2 Abroad

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Using O2 Abroad O2 Travel For Pay Monthly customers:  With O2 Travel, data is just £1.99 per day in Europe, with the daily charge applying from midnight to midnight UK time. Calls made and received have a connection charge of 50p, after that it’s free to talk for up to an hour, however we recommend you hang up after 59 minutes at the latest. Texts […]