How to soft reset your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus

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The Apple iPhone is essentially a computer and like many computers, it needs a reboot from time to time. A soft reset forces a reboot and can help when your iPhone slows down or freezes by fully closing down all applications and starting them up again from scratch – this does not mean wiping off everything you have stored. Astonishingly, soft resets can solve around 90% […]

O2 plans to switch on 1,000 sites with new 4G spectrum by the end of 2018

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After the recent announcement of cell deployment in London’s boroughs, O2 is back at it, announcing plans to connect over 1,000 sites to a new 4G spectrum by the end of 2018. Major shopping centres such as Westfield shopping centres in White City and Stratford are taking priority, alongside transportation hubs. By the end of April alone O2 switched on new sites in the UK […]

LG reveals G7 ThinQ

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DesignLG has released its latest flagship in the G series, the G7 ThinQ, boasting the most advanced processor and improvements to sound, screen and AI. The new device is home to LG’s brightest screen to date, providing around 1,000 nits of brightness, compared to the average of 500 or 600. The 6.1″ display has been taken up a notch from the previous G6’s 5.7″ screen […]

5 ways in which Mobile Data Capture solutions can increase your productivity & customer service

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What is the Mobile Data Capture solution?Working alongside INKWRX™, we provide a digital data platform that will allow you to create your own business forms and publish them to use with either a digital pen and paper or tablet device. With the digital pen, your field notes are automatically converted to digital notes, while the tablet allows for instant digital capture. These notes are then […]

Motorola releases Moto G6 & G6 Play

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Design & featuresMotorola has released two budget smartphones, the Moto G6 praised by TrustedReviews for having “flagship features at a fraction of the cost” and the Moto G6 Play. The G6 Play is available in deep indigo or fine gold, while the original G6 is available in deep indigo or silver. Both models sport an edge-to-edge display however the G6 stands out with water resistance […]