Apple iPhone X user? 5 tips and tricks

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1) A more secure way to pay With the iPhone X, you can utilise the Face ID facial security technology to activate Apple Pay, allowing you to secure online payments as well as in-store. This function takes a 3D scan of your face using the phone’s TrueDepth camera, which Apple claims is far more secure than the Touch ID fingerprint scanning tech it replaces. Head to […]


A year of innovation: Samsung releases foldable smartphone

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South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, has released the Galaxy Fold, a foldable smartphone that is claimed to withstand hundreds of thousands of folds. Featuring a 4.6″ Infinity Flex Display that opens like a book to reveal a larger 7.3″ display, astonishingly, without visible lines or crinkles. Available in both 4G and 5G versions, the Galaxy Fold is a truly innovative device. Additionally, the new device comes […]

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Do you know how your data pool is being used? 5 key questions your business needs to be able to answer

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What is the split of business versus personal usage? What financial savings would you gain by enforcing policies on specific apps? Where are your users around the world, and what data are they accessing? Is usage compliant with legal regulations? Are you able to control jailbroken devices? Every business should have control of the devices entering their organisation, whether they are company devices or part of […]


Vodafone Roaming Changes – Live from March 28th 2019

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Here’s to more worry-free roaming… From the end of March, worry-free roaming will include 44 more countries. That means you’ll be able to roam in destinations from Saudi Arabia to Morocco for just £5 a day, exc. VAT. • These changes will be live from 28th March 2019 • Affecting all customers on the following plans: Vodafone Standard Bundle, Red Bundle, Essentials, Red Extra and […]

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Honor View 20 – a cheaper alternative to the Google, Apple and Samsung flagship devices

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Huawei’s latest Honor View 20 offers an unorthodox colour scheme and all-screen front for a whole new look.  As the first phone to offer a ‘hole-punch’ notch – a small hole in the top left-hand corner of the display which the selfie camera pokes through, the device is able to utilise full viewing of its large, FHD+ LCD 6.4” screen. 28 grams lighter than the […]