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5 top tips for boosting the battery life on your Android phone

5 top tips for boosting the battery life on your Android phone

1) Make use of Android’s built-in battery monitor

Head to Settings -> Battery and you’ll be able to see which apps are the biggest battery drainers – (even those that are minimised but not closed can consume a lot of power). By doing so you can avoid using the biggest offenders when you need your battery the most.

2) Tone down the brightness

You can adjust the brightness of your Android device by bringing down the notification shade with a swipe down from the top menu bar or by going into Settings -> Display -> Brightness level. We recommend you keep your screen’s brightness at 50% or lower to optimise battery life – a dark wallpaper background is also a good idea.

3) Turn off GPS/location tracking

Apps such as Yelp and Google Maps use your location to provide real-time location data – however this can be a unnecessary battery drainer for those who rarely use these apps or use them sparingly. You can switch off this feature by heading to Settings -> Location.

4) Turn on Bluetooth and NFC only when needed

Bluetooth isn’t usually on by default but NFC may be. To switch NFC on and off head to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> NFC. Bluetooth should only be switched on when in use.

5) Limit your widgets

Widgets offer convenient shortcuts straight from your homescreen but for the sake of your device’s battery life – take a few moments to remove any you’re not using regularly. You can do so by pressing on them and then swiping them to the “Remove”, this may also appear in the form of a trash can icon.

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