Apple Phablet Rumours and Speculation

A Phablet is a techie ‘in-betweener’. It’s a device the combines the functions of a smartphone and a tablet. And late this year, a glorious 5.5″ Apple Phablet may be coming your way.

The Phablet will be larger than the iPhone, but smaller than the iPad. Below are various Apple Phablet Concepts. All show a larger, edge-to-edge, almost border-less screen. Combining maximum viewing and a sleek design, to give you the best of both worlds.

The top image is by Federico Ciccarese. Ciccarese is the King of Apple Concepts, and has other killer designs including the iPhone ‘Air’, and the iPhone Fingerprint Scanner, sure to wow you.

Apple Phablet Concepts
Apple Phablet Concepts courtesy of various artists.

It’s expected that the Phablet will be produced alongside the iPhone 6, due to a high level of similarity. The Phablet is likely to include the same rumoured features as the iPhone 6. Such as the new iOS 8 and the new A8 Chip. As well as other new, likely features such as a Stylus Pen, for quick, swift navigation.

Best of all, this new Apple Device will give you the power to opt for a larger mobile experience like never before on an Apple Smartphone. Take advantage of the portability and convenience of a smartphone, and combine it together with the beauty of a tablet – the large display, perfect for films, slideshows, games and more.

Down to business
Date: If real, the Apple Phablet will be here this year. Timing is yet to be confirmed, but it’s likely that the Phablet will roll out alongside the iPhone 6, sometime between June 2014 and September 2014.

Price: As with every Apple device, the price will set you back. With the larger screen, you are most likely looking at a figure £550.00 and above.