BlackBerry Playbook OS2 – Is it too little too late?

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RIM’s problems have been clear for all to see with Google Android the leading smartphone operating system, Nokia appearing revitalised and fresh with Windows 7.5 and all Office365 can bring, not to mention apple iPad emphatically dominating the tablet market. I remembering blogging last year, although not on this timeline, that I was eager to get my hands on the BlackBerry Playbook, there had been delay after […]

Supporting Farnham Rugby Club by sponsoring Sportsman’s Lunch 2012 – A reminder.

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With just over a month to go until the team at Callmaster Mobile dine with Willie John McBride and other Farnham royalty we thought we should remind you all why we are supporting the club and why you could too. Cast your mind back to early morning, Sunday 23rd November 2003. There are 82,957 people crammed into the Telstra Stadium in Syndey, Australia. There are millions […]