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Callmaster Mobile to CMM

Callmaster Mobile to CMM

We’ve come a long way since we went it alone in 2008 after a successful MBO from parent company Callmaster. Nearly 10 years on, we’ve trebled in size with a great mix of techies for product knowledge and know how, account managers to get to know and understand customers’ businesses, and sales, marketing and operations to aid the smooth running and growth of Callmaster Mobile. But most importantly, we now support over 500 customers of all shapes and sizes.CMM Meet the Team 3

To ensure there’s no longer any confusion with the original Callmaster for our customers, our next step is to move away from Callmaster Mobile to a full re-brand as CMM. We are also excited to continue expanding our own VoIP and Fixed Line services, alongside mobile, so all your telecoms needs are covered. For more information on our other services, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager on 01252 854352, we are always more than happy to help, or you can view more information via the links below.

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