Data Compression for Business Mobiles

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Looking for Data Compression on your Business Mobiles?

Data Compression can significantly  reduce your data usage, and thus your mobile data costs. We partner with Wandera, to bring you their Mobile Data Gateway. The solution that offers your business substantial savings through data compression.


The Mobile Data Gateway sits between your employee devices and the internet.

Mobile Data Optimisation

Alongside Data Compression, Benefits of doing so also Include:

  • Data Savings – Reduce usage by 30% across the board through compression
  • Roaming Control – Eliminate bill shock and reduce data roaming bills by 60%
    through real-time data caps
  • Content Control – Restrict data hungry apps and other undesirable content
  • Improve Performance – Advanced acceleration techniques to optimize data
    performance on mobile
  • Educate Users – Proactively alert users at data threshold

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