New: invite a guest to your live Instagram stream

Invite a guest to your live Instagram stream

Instagram introduced their live-streaming feature for iOS and Android devices across the globe nearly a year ago. Allowing you to broadcast content to your followers in real time. Instagram is now adding the ability to tag a friend to join in on your latest casts.

Currently in testing for a select number of users, Instagram’s new feature not only allows you to have a guest co-star or colleague on board, but you can also select anyone currently watching the stream and invite them into the action. Not only will this give your business an interactive edge but it could also make for a great Q&A session.


The screen will split in half to accommodate both co-streamers, with the usual “likes” and commenting functionality left intact.


During the show, guests can choose to sign off whenever they choose and the original broadcaster can then opt to post their latest stream to Instagram’s stories, save it to their phone or delete it from the app entirely. While co-streaming is still in development, rumours suggest the feature will be released globally within the coming months.