What is M2M?

What is M2M?

Introducing ‘Machine to Machine’ technology 

M2M is an exchange of data between a connected device and a central system that monitors or controls that device. It allows machines to communicate directly with each other to convey information, for example – a smart refrigerator could automatically order groceries from Tesco’s once it’s inventory is depleted.

Did you know?

  • M2M is also known as the ‘internet of things‘,
  • Connectivity options for M2M include cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, network cables and more,
  • M2M is a green technology because so many of it’s solutions reduce energy consumption significantly,
  • M2M can be applied to many new types of products and will drive many of the future most-wanted applications in the consumer space,

But most importantly, M2M is fast becoming a must-have technology for many businesses that want to remain competitive.

How can M2M help your business?

With M2M you can take advantage of real-time data, remote monitoring and analytics. For example, receive information on:

✓ How a remote asset in your business is performing, even down to the detail of it’s temperature and minimise the need for routine maintenance visits. But better yet, catch problems before they could affect your customers.

✓ Where something is, allowing you to recover lost assets and prevent thefts.

Overall, M2M can help you increase profitably, launch new products and services, improve your customer relations and allow your business to become more agile and responsive.

Callmaster Mobile will soon be offering M2M technology via dedicated sims that will connect over mobile networks. To find out more, please contact your account manager or check the blog for updates.