“Rodney” & EE – IPhone 5 and the UK’s fastest mobile network

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Friday was busier than even apple expected, the launch of the iPhone 5 has brought 5 million buyers to apple’s door already. A number of our customers wanted to be one of the first to get their hands on “Rodney” (our nickname for the 5 as it looks like the Only Fool’s character when sat next to it’s older brother “Del” or the 4S) and […]

Hard reset and manual roam is the mobile equivalent of rebooting your PC

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About 3 days before the launch of the iPhone 4S the BlackBerry makers, Research In Motion, experienced a considerable issue with their servers that left many users without email access for up to 3 days. So this morning when the calls started to trickle through from customers regarding issues they were having with their BlackBerry devices I did think for a couple of seconds that […]

Building with B:Web

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Many months ago, someone, I can’t remember who, retweeted something from a chap called Jeremy Paul Baumgartner, it led me to his website www.jpb.com, where the first line was, and still is, “The secret to creative thinking is to start with good problems”. I was at that time embarking on a new journey as a director of Callmaster Mobile and I knew there were many […]