Free webinar: How to avoid mobile bill shock

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Learn how you can avoid post-summer smartphone bill shock Summer is high season for bill shock and research by our partner Wandera shows that Brits are set to incur roaming costs of £500 million this summer – and £170 million of that will be paid for by businesses. Employees take their company phones on holiday so that they can stay connected with the office, and […]

Quick tip: How to check & lower your iPhone mobile data usage

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How to check & lower your iPhone mobile data usage Checking your usage: To check how much mobile data your iPhone has used on each application go to: Settings -> Mobile -> Mobile Data Usage -> Use Mobile Data For Here you can see how much of your iPhone’s data each application has used, and turn off any applications you don’t want to use your […]

Top 5 iPhone battery life tips

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iPhone battery life tips  A flat battery before your day is over can be beyond inconvenient. Follow our tips on how to optimise your iPhone’s battery life and thus stay connected for as long as possible… 1) Turn off Background Refresh for apps you use less: Background App Refresh keeps your iPhone active, busy polling the data network in the background updating your apps such as […]