Latest Offers from CMM & Vodafone

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Stay Connected With5G Latest Offers from CMM & Vodafone Take out a new connection on one of Vodafone’s Unlimited plans below and Grab a free iPhone 12 with a 64GB memory. With CMM’s knowledge & support, Vodafone’s UK leading 5G network and Apple’s market leading iPhone 12 you can’t go far wrong when looking for a reliable mobile solution. Free iPhone 12  £49 per month […]


Flexible Working

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Hello, Everyone’s working circumstances keep changing – whether that means working from home for a longer period or more flexibly than before. We’d like to make sure that your employees aren’t only relying on home Wi-Fi, and are well-equipped and comfortable to stay productive at work. Unlimited data to support you when working more flexibly • Forget about data limits with our unlimited data-only SIMs. […]