Vodafone International Guide

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Vodafone International Pay monthly call charges Prices include VAT where applicable. Calls are charged by the minute and will be rounded up to the nearest whole pence – for example, if you call someone for 2 minutes 45 seconds, you’ll be charged for 3 minutes. Please contact your account manager to find out if you have this bolt on in place or are applicable to […]

iPhone 6K Concept

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iPhone 6K Concept Would you like your iPhone to have a keyboard? Concept designers have put together a rather unique variant of the iPhone – the iPhone 6K. The model would not be an iPhone 7 but the iPhone 6S with a K(eyboard). The design focuses on the keyboard sliding out via the push of a button. Allowing you to swap between Apple’s original iOS […]

What is M2M?

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What is M2M? Introducing ‘Machine to Machine’ technology  M2M is an exchange of data between a connected device and a central system that monitors or controls that device. It allows machines to communicate directly with each other to convey information, for example – a smart refrigerator could automatically order groceries from Tesco’s once it’s inventory is depleted. Did you know? M2M is also known as […]

Upcoming handsets in 2016

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Upcoming handsets in 2016 1) Apple iPhone 7 Assuming Apple follows it’s usual schedule, it’s unlikely the iPhone 7 will be released before September time next year, however that hasn’t stopped the rumours piling in. Whispers include an edge-to-edge screen that will potentially sport a 4K display like Sony’s recent model – the Xperia Z5 Premium, and waterproofing for better durability. It’s also expected that an iPhone […]

The best iPhone apps for the Christmas Season

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The best iPhone apps for the Christmas Season Secret Santa Tombola Is your office running a Secret Santa this year? Find the perfect gift whilst sticking to a budget with a helping hand from the free Secret Santa Tombola app. Simply select your chosen gender, pick the type of gift you’re looking for from ‘Cheeky’, ‘Fun’ or ‘Cute’ and then add your budget. Spin the […]