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UK Government advances new Consumer IoT Security Standards

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Raising Consumer IoT Security Standards is crucial to ensure you can use the devices you love, without the risks.IoT, ‘The Internet of Things’, has revolutionised the ways in which you work, rest and play. Take Amazon Echo – an internet-connected speaker that can operate as a hub for an IoT-connected home – allowing you to dim the lights from your sofa, without lifting a finger. […]


Frontline worker? 7 Reasons why the Samsung XCover Pro is perfect for you

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Insert Video Introducing the Samsung XCover ProThe Samsung XCover Pro has been designed with frontline workers explicitly in mind – making it a chic, lightweight solution that is packed with customer-facing settings, yet rugged-enough to survive the most challenging environments. 7 Reasons why the Samsung XCover Pro is perfect for frontline workers 1Military-grade durability  The Samsung XCover Pro isn’t your average smartphone – it’s a […]


How to troubleshoot iPhone XR / O2 signal problems

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iPhone XR signal problems on the O2 network? Follow these troubleshooting tips while you await the update from Apple and O2.If you’re an iPhone XR user on the O2 Network, you may be experiencing signal problems that are incredibly frustrating.  We’re aware that O2 and Apple are doing everything they can to resolve the issue and a resolution is on the way.But, we understand that […]