Is your mobile investment protected?

Is your mobile investment protected?

Accidents happen. Ensure you have a safety net ready for your device. polled 1,486 UK adults who have all broken, dented, or scratched an iPhone handset. They found

the average broken iPhone is destroyed or damaged just 10 weeks after purchase – and under 6 weeks for an iPhone 4 or 5.

And when they’re not being broken, it seems they’re being stolen. With a recent report from the Home Office estimating more than 700,000 handsets were stolen in the space of year.

Top 5 ways to break an iPhone

1. Dropped on a hard surface (43%)

2.  Fallen into water (toilet, sink, bath, etc) (35%)

3.  Stood or sat on accidentally (32%)

4.  Left on roof of car (12%)

5.  Broken by child (10%)

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We highly recommend you take out insurance and avoid the hefty costs of mobile repairs. We offer various deals for mobiles and tablets that cover accidental damage, theft, accidental loss and breakdown, starting at just £3.99 per month. 

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