Vodafone Sure Signal

No 3G? Stay connected with Vodafone Sure Signal

Vodafone’s Sure Signal creates a 3G signal using your home broadband connection – ideal for those living in rural areas or a basement flat where it can be difficult to get a mobile reception. Typically the signal reaches about 30 metres, and can be fitted straight into a plug socket – and with an extra plug, you won’t lose socket space.

No 3G? Stay connected with Vodafone Sure Signal

The gained 3G signal can be used for both voice calls and data, and offers you the ability to have up to 4 concurrent calls – perfect for a large family or a small office. While in total you can register up to 32 Vodafone numbers to use your Sure Signal. To make use of Sure Signal, you’ll need a Vodafone mobile or a voice-enabled tablet or dongle connected to the Vodafone 3G network and a fixed-line home broadband with a minimum upload and download speed of 1Mbps.

We offer Sure Signal for just £83.33 + VAT, which includes all set up with numbers registered. Get in touch today: 01252 854352.