How to use Apple ‘Bedtime’

How to use Apple ‘Bedtime’

Apple ‘Bedtime’ was introduced in iOS 10 to offer you helpful alerts and reminders pre-bedtime to let you know it’s time to un-wind and get to sleep on time. Alongside reminders, Bedtime keep’s track of your sleeping habits. The new Bedtime alarm can be found and adjusted via the native clock app where you’d normally go to set your alarm.

Getting set up

Tap Bedtime, select Get Started
Open the Clock App > Tap the Bedtime tab > Tap Get Started
Choose your time, days of the week, and sleep hours
Select your desired wake-up time and tap Next > Select which days of the week your alarm should go off and tap Next > Choose how many hours of sleep you want and tap Next >
Choose alert time, wake up sound, and save
Choose when you would like your Bedtime Reminder and tap Next > Select your wake-up sound and tap Next > Hit Save in the upper right corner of the screen >

Once set up, you can change your settings by heading back to the Clock app > Bedtime tab > then tap Options in the upper left corner of your screen. Here you can adjust days of the week, your bedtime reminder, wake-up sound, or volume of said wake-up sound. You can also drag the moon icon to change your bedtime, and the bell icon to change your wake up time on the Bedtime dial.

Change bedtime or wake up time

Not only does Bedtime calculate how much sleep you’re supposed to get each night, it also figures out when you actually wake up by monitoring when you pick up your phone and move around,  giving you a far better idea of your sleeping habits. The feature also uses new alarms that steadily increase in volume, and new vibration patterns for a more pleasant wake up.